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WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean


Manual for editors of health science journals



This manual is targeted at editors of health science journals, whether in the field of medicine, nursing and allied health, public health, social health, environmental health or other health-related areas. It is particularly targeted at editors working in countries that are seeking to develop their capacities to promote, conduct and disseminate research and to inform policy and practice.
The Manual for editors of health science journals was developed in 2006 by members of the EMAME Education and Training Committee with support from the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. It is available so far in English and French and is being translated into Arabic for publication in Spring 2010. Requests to translate it into other languages are welcomed. If you wish to purchase the print version, please contact

Full text: English | French

To contact regional trainers in: ‘Writing a journal article and getting it published’ and ‘Medical journal publishing’, see Education and training 


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