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ID Design 2012/DOOEL Skopje
Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences.


Basic Science



Prediction of Gut Wall Integrity Loss in Viral Gastroenteritis by Non-Invasive Marker

Hala G. Elnady1, Lobna S. Sherif1, Maysa T. Saleh1, Inas R. El-Alameey1*, Mai M. Youssef1, Amal I. El Shafie2, Iman Helwa3, Haiam Abdel Raouf3, Ahmed N. EL-Taweel4

1Child Health Department, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt; 2Health Radiation Research Department, National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, Cairo, Egypt; 3Immunogenetics Department, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt; 4Environment Virology Laboratory and Water Pollution Department, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt





BACKGROUND: Intestinal fatty acid binding proteins (I-FABPs) are mainly expressed in the intestinal villi, which are the initial site of destruction in viral gastroenteritis.

AIM: This study was designed to assess serum I-FABPs as a predictor of gut wall integrity loss in viral gastroenteritis.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: This case-control cross-sectional study was conducted on 93 cases of acute viral gastroenteritis. Twenty-eight healthy children matching in age were recruited as control group. Serum I-FABPs were measured using ELISA technique. Viral detection and typing were done by PCR for adenovirus, and by Reverse transcriptase PCR for rotavirus, astrovirus and norovirus.

RESULTS: Serum I-FABPs level was significantly higher in the cases compared to the controls and was also higher in the 46 rotavirus gastroenteritis cases compared to other viral gastroenteritis cases. Serum I- FABPs level was significantly higher in severely dehydrated cases as compared to mildly dehydrated ones (P=0.037).

CONCLUSION: Serum I-FABPs could be used as an early and sensitive predictor marker of gut wall integrity loss in children with viral gastroenteritis and its level can indicate case severity.


Citation: Elnady HG, Sherif LS, Saleh MT, El-Alameey IR, Youssef MM, El Shafie AI, Helwa I, Abdel Raouf H, EL-Taweel AN. Prediction of Gut Wall Integrity Loss in Viral Gastroenteritis by Non-Invasive Marker. OA Maced J Med Sci. http://dx.doi.org/10.3889/oamjms.2015.023
Key words: Viral Gastroenteritis; Gut Wall Integrity Loss; Non Invasive Marker; Predicition.
*Correspondence: Dr. Inas R. El-Alameey. National Research Centre, Child Health Department, Dokki,Cairo. Cairo P.O:12622, Egypt. Affiliation ID: 60014618. Phone: 0201001858378. E-Mail: inasno@hotmail.com
Received: 12-Jan-2015; Revised: 01-Feb-2015; Accepted: 02-Feb-2015; Online first: 05-Mar-2015
Copyright: 2015 Hala G. Elnady, Lobna S. Sherif, Maysa T. Saleh, Inas R. El-Alameey, Mai M. Youssef, Amal I. El Shafie, Iman Helwa, Haiam Abdel Raouf, Ahmed N. EL-Taweel. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.


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- Elnady HG
- Sherif LS
- Saleh MT
- El-Alameey IR
- Youssef MM
- El Shafie AI
- Helwa I
- Abdel Raouf H
- EL-Taweel AN


- Elnady HG
- Sherif LS
- Saleh MT
- El-Alameey IR
- Youssef MM
- El Shafie AI
- Helwa I
- Abdel Raouf H
- EL-Taweel AN




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