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Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences. 2008 Sep 15; 1(1):26-33.


Basic Science


IL-1 Gene Cluster Polymorphisms in the Macedonian Population

Dejan Trajkov1, Aneta Atanasovska-Stojanovska2, Aleksandar Petlichkovski1, Ana Strezova1, Jean Gogusev3, Slavica Hristomanova1, Eli Djulejic1, Jordan Petrov1, Mirko Spiroski1

1Institute of Immunobiology and Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University "St. Kiril and Metodij", Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; 2Dental Clinical Center, Department of Oral Pathology and Periodontology, Faculty of Stomatology, University "Ss. Kiril and Metodij", Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; 3INSERM U507, Hpital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris, France


The aim of this study was to genotype IL-1 gene cluster polymorphisms in the Macedonian population. A group composed of 301 healthy unrelated individuals was selected. IL-1 genotyping of the samples was performed by the PCR-SSP procedure followed by analysis of the IL-1 data with the PyPop population genetic analysis software package. The frequency of IL-1 alleles varies from 0.814 for IL1A -889/C, 0.729 for IL-1B +3962/C, 0.698 for IL-1RN mspa 11100/T, 0.671 for IL-1B -511/C, followed by 0.663 for IL-1R psti 1970/C indicating common "wild type" allele. We determined 27 different haplotypes from the total number of 32. The most frequent haplotypes for IL-1 are CCCCT (0.191), CTCCT (0.127), CCCTT (0.098), CCCCC (0.085), CTCTT (0.082). All pairs of loci for IL-1, except for IL-1R psti 1970, are in linkage disequilibrium, with p<0.05. The closest genetic distance is observed between the studied Macedonian population and the population from ItalyTorino, while the most genetically distant populations were TaiwanTsou, and TaiwanYami. It is concluded that IL-1 cluster alleles, genotypes, and haplotypes in Macedonian population show a good concordance with Hardy Weinberg equilibrium and can be used for anthropological comparisons, as well as for association studies with different diseases.


Key words: IL-1 gene polymorphisms; SSP genotyping; Macedonian population; Molecular anthropology; Human genetics.


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Institute of Immunobiology and Human GeneticsSkopje, Republic of Macedonia.
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